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Polish Radio
Polish Radio - London


Phone Poland from only 6p per minute any landline
2p per minute BT line


Radio Hey Now!
1st Polish Radio Station in UK


Download this and other great Polish fonts free from


Sikorski Polish Club

Local - Other UK organisations - Business - Historical - Worldwide - Other useful links


West End A guide to what's going on in Glasgow

Cultural Association Edinburgh Scottish/Polish Society

St Simon's Church The web site of our local church Polish Catholic Mission in Scotland Polish-Scottish Heritage Project Polish Scottish web portal produced by the Scottish Executive Web portal for Poles in Glasgow Web portal for Poles in Britan Highland Life is a Community Portal for the citizens, companies and organisations within the Highland of Scotland. Information pages in Polish.

Sunny Govan Radio Community radio station which includes Polish programmes

United Polish Falkirk Association Polish Association based in Falkirk

Other UK Polish organisations

Federation of Poles in Great Britain Full of usful information and advice

POSK Polish community in London

Polish Consulate Consulate General of Poland in Scotland Polish Cultural Institute in London



Krakow Travel Guide A comprehensive guide to Krakow with essential travellers information
Poznan Poland A comprehensive guide to Poznan with essential travelers information
Gdansk Hotels A comprehensive guide to Gdansk with essential travelers information

Dziennik Polski Polish newspaper printed in London An international concert promoter
Polandia's aim is to promote modern Polish culture in the UK. Our task or ambition is not only to present established artists etc but also to uncover new and fresh talent. Polandia's dedicated team possesses considerable experience in working with diverse artists from UK, Poland and beyond, as well as and organising concerts and other club events in both countries.
Whilst concentrating on London in the first instance, we hope to expand and arrange shows or events elsewhere in the UK in due course. A scottish based Polish magazine

Emigrant A Polish magazine based in Kilmarnock

Polish Express A London based Polish magazine

Polishzone A UK based Polish Magazine A UK based on-line Polish Magazine Information and news about regions of Poland in English Information and news about regions of Poland in English Information and news about regions of Poland in English

ZEM Software providing a technical expertise in setting up internet ventures


Polonica in Scotland War graves in Scotland honouring Polish soldiers during WW2

We Must Not Cry Here - Memories of the Polish Community in Alloa

Katyn Forest Massacre An informative insight into this event

1st Polish Armoured Division Site dedicated to Kazimierz Duda who served with this army A Short History of the Lipka Tatars of the White Horde by Jim Lipka

Scotland & Poland - A chapter of forgotten history Early Scottish contacts with Poland

Kresy-Siberia List Yahoo group
The "Kresy-Siberia list" brings into contact people from countries around the world with a special interest in the tragedy of the 1.7 million Polish citizens of various faiths and ethnicities (Polish, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Catholic, Orthodox, Jewish, etc.) deported from eastern Poland (Kresy) in 1940-42 to special labour camps in Siberia, Kazakhstan and Soviet Asia. Some 115,000 of these were evacuated through Persia in 1942 as soldiers of Anders Army and their families - and eventually made their way to the West. The circumstances of their odyssey and the tragic history of the Polish citizens under Soviet occupation during the war was hushed up by the Allies during the war to protect the reputation of the Soviet Union, an important ally in the war against the Nazis.
Sixty years later the survivors have aged and many have died. With this list they hope to bring together surviving deportees and their descendants to remember, learn, discover and spread the word of their ordeal to the world and to future generations.
Information supplied by Stefan Wisniowski, Sydney Australia

Eastern BorderLands of the II Polish Republic old history of Eastern Poland by Paul Havers

The Long Walk Web site dedicated to Slavomir Rawicz, author of "The Long Walk"


Polish Association of Queensland Polish community in Australia

Sikorski Polish Club (Western Australia) A Sikorski Polish Club down-under!

Other useful links Guide to the Polish community in the UK Project on Polish migrants by Brunel University

Fresh Talent initiative Government information and advice for people looking to Live and Work in Scotland

Polish Information+ Information about public services in Scotland produced by the Scottish Consumer Council

Poles in Great Britain Yahoo group

Warszawski Dom Tanca Information on the Dance House Association WielkaBrytania means GreatBritain in Polish. Our aim is to simplify the
flow of information between the Polish community in UK. It is a totally free advertising/information service, which requires no registration. Information for Polish communities in the UK (in Polish) Barka Foundation for Mutual Help Central resource of translated information

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