The Wisła Theatre Group is relatively new and based in Glasgow. Their performances re-enact and bring to life important events in Poland’s history. Their performance in our Society on 1 December should be of particular interest to those with personal memories of Polish soldiers during the WW2 period. Expect a lively, interesting and exciting performance. We look forward to seeing you there.

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Polacy w Obroniw Wielkiej Brytani II - prezentacja

Prezentacja: Anna Brojer, Aleksandra Kaiper-Miszulowicz (Biura Edukacji Narodowej). Sobota 29.09.18, 16:00.

Narodowe Święto Niepodległości

Events to celebrate 100 years of independence.

Wisła Theatre Group performance

Saturday 1st December at 19:30. All welcome. Free event!

Gielda Rekodziela

Sunday 2nd December from 12:00. A chance to buy some tradition Polish arts and craft. All welcome.

Mikołajki, Children's Christmas Party

Sunday 9th December. Zapraszamy dzieci na zabawę z Mikołajem w dniu 9 grudnia, o godzinie 12:00 lub 15:00. Imprezę poprowadzi AL…

Christmas message

Christmas message from the Chair of the Board of Trustees