The funeral took place today (18th May) at Clydebank Crematorium of Zenon Władysław Śliwiński, a soldier of the 1st Polish Armoured Division and probably the last survivor of the Division in Scotland. 
Zenek was born some 50 miles from Pinsk in eastern Poland in 1924.
Following the Soviet invasion of eastern Poland, he was deported to Siberia.
He was one of several thousand men who were shipped from the Middle East via South Africa and hence to the UK and was posted to 1st Armoured Regiment based at a camp near the town of Duns in Berwickshire.
During the war he served as a tank driver in a recce platoon of the HQ Squadron of the Polish 1st Armoured Regiment of General Maczek’s 1st Armoured Division. He took part in the fighting to close the Falaise Gap in August 1944 and was badly wounded in that fighting near Coudehard on 20th August.
He was married for over 65 years to Winifred. Together they raised two daughters.
Attached image of the front cover of the Order of Service and a link to a podcast about his life.
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Post by Robert Ostrycharz

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