Across the Green Frontier:
A Soldier's Escape from World War II Poland

bookcover.jpgThis book is based on the true story of Wladek a farmer from southern Poland. It describes the atrocities of war as seen through his eyes when he is called up to fight for his country in 1939 during the September Campaign of World War II. It tells of the soldiers’ struggles as they march and fight over some 400 kilometres of the war trail to the east of Poland where Wladek is captured by the Germans. He escapes from them and eventually from Poland across the Tatra Mountains or Green Frontier (illegal crossing) to Slovakia. 

His journey continues through foreign lands to Syria where he enlists in the Polish Free Army and travels further to the hostile deserts of North Africa. He sails across the seas to Scotland where he lives in a castle. We also learn something of his life before the war.
Where dates are given these are actual occurrences either of historical events or of those personal to Wladek. Every attempt has been made to ensure that all historical facts are correct but comrades mentioned are fictitious.
This is a tale of the Polish indomitable spirit, of a nation which would never submit to their conquerors either in their homeland or abroad no matter how high the odds were stacked against them. 
The author has personal knowledge of Wladek and of details from his war records. She has also researched the battle trails of the 1st Podhale Rifles Regiment in which Wladek fought and of the Polish Carpathian Rifle Brigade in Africa in which he enlisted.
The author is of Polish parentage and is familiar with the customs and culture of the mountain regions of Southern Poland. She has walked or climbed many of the trails in the Tatra Mountains some of which are mentioned in this book and has spent time in Kraków, Zakopane and Wladek’s home town of Rabka.

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