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Clydebank Blitz is remembered

An article about how members of our house commemorated the 75th anniversary of the Clydebank Blitz (in English). This article re…

Membership reminder

All members are respectfully reminded that subscriptions for 2017/18 are now due and should be paid as soon as possible. Current…

International School of Polish Language and Culture in Krakow (External course)

In winter, spring and autumn the International School of Polish Language offer intensive Polish courses together with accommodat…

The Festival: Defend Dunfermline WW2

Stroll the streets of Dunfermline and discover an amazing untold story from WW2. The story of a partnership: Dunfermline Home Gu…

LIFE STORIES Scottish Polish Heritage of WWII

A short film about the exhibition "LIFE STORIES Scottish Polish Heritage of WWII". The exhibition aims to introduce the stories …

Polish Language Classes

Intensive course consisting of 10 lessons for complete beginners. From Monday 17th July.

Combatants Memorial Group at Sikorski House

Visit to Douglas, South Lanarkshire on 10th June 2017 (by Robert Ostrycharz)

Help raise funds for United Glasgow Football (Charity)

From United Glasgow's website "The two guiding principles when we started our project were anti-discrimination and financial inc…