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As well as all the usual meals and snacks we also offer traditional Polish food. Please book tables in advance for larger parties. The restaurant will cater for functions by prior arrangement. Prices subject to change without notice.
Totally authentic Polish cuisine.Opening hours
Monday: 7pm to 9pm
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday: 6pm to 9pm
Thursday, Friday: 6pm to 9pm
Saturday, Sunday: 12am to 9pm

U Jarka restaurant included in short film
Two short films made in association with Fablevision Studios and the BBC were recently previewed in our club.
Wee Poland
This film follows the lives of four different Polish people in Glasgow who all hold on to their culture and heritage in different ways. Through them we learn about a family business, the importance of language, cultural traditions and textile design. Clips from this film are now available on the BBC's LAB website

One of the clips is about Mateusz and the family restaurant in the Sikorski club. Other clips available include "Agata and the Polish Saturday School", "Basia and family traditions" and "Marta and the fashion show".


Wyborowa - Crystal clear natural vodka
Zytnia - excellent dry vodka
Siwucha - Vodka made according to the oldest Polish traditions 
Starka - The most famous of Polish quality dry vodkas, alc.50
Zubrowka - bison grass vodka
Wisniówka - semi-sweet cherry vodka
Wisniówka Deluxe - sweet cherry vodka
Czarna Pozeczka - black currant vodka
Zoladkowa Gorzka - special herbs bitter vodka
Krupnik - Polish honey liqueur

Selection of Polish beers:
Zywiec - alc. 5.7 (The oldest polish beers brand in UK),
Tyskie - alc. 5.6 (The most selling in Poland),
Lech - alc. 5.2 (Green label, uniqe taste)
Warka Strong - alc. 7 (strong lager with honey add),
Debowe Mocne - alc. 7 (strong lager with oak add)
Okocim Mocny - alc. 7 (strong lager)

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 Normal opening hours

Sunday 12 noon - 11pm
(Bar opens 12:30pm)
Monday closed
Tuesday 7pm - 11pm
Wednesday 7pm - 11pm
Thursday 6pm - 11pm
Friday 6pm - 12 midnight
Saturday 12 noon - 12 midnight


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