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Established 1954
The Sikorski Polish Club
5, Parkgrove Terrace
Glasgow G3 7SD
0141 339 1368

Normal opening hours
Sunday 12 noon - 11pm
(Bar opens 12:30pm)
Monday 7pm - 11pm
Tuesday closed
Wednesday 7pm - 11pm
Thursday 6pm - 11pm
Friday 6pm - 12 midnight
Saturday 12 noon - 12 midnight



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Our Polish and English Language Classes
The Society will continue to subsidise this essential resource for our members and non-members. Non-members are expected to take out membership of the Society if enrolling in a class.

Polish Classes at the Sikorski Polish Club, Glasgow

Sign up for a 10-week Polish Language Course at the Sikorski Polish Club!
The courses start on the 24th & 25th September and run every Wednesday and Thursday.
BEGINNERS course – (Thursday, 6.30pm - 8pm) Polish class for beginners is designed for students who have never studied Polish or have had only limited contact with the language but would like to start learning it in a more structured way.
PRE-INTERMEDIATE course – (Wednesday, 8pm-9.30pm) Pre-intermediate Polish class is designed for students who have a command of everyday life vocabulary as well as basic grammatical structures, allowing for effective communication.
UPPER-INTERMEDIATE course – (Wednesday, 6.30pm - 8pm) Upper-intermediate Polish class will suit those who are able to deal with most situations likely to arise while visiting Poland and can produce simple texts on topics that are familiar or of personal interest. You can sign up by emailing teresa146.tc@gmail.com or calling 0141 339 1368. The cost of the entire course is £75, paid up front. Please note that only members of the club will be able to sign up for the course. New memberships are welcome - simply fill in the membership application form available on-line or from the bar downstairs. Membership fee is £20 per year. If you have any questions about the course content or if you are not sure which level would be best for you please contact the teacher, Marzanna, at polishglasgow@gmail.com

External Polish Classes

All levels of Polish language courses start this September at The Saturday School of Polish Language in Edinburgh. The new classes run every Saturday afternoon from 1:30 till 3 pm. You can sign up for the above courses by emailing: polishsaturdayschoolspk@hotmail.com. For more information go to: www.polskaszkolaspk.co.uk

Kursy języka polskiego na zróżnicowanych poziomach dostępne od wrze¶nia w Polskiej Szkole Sobotniej w Edynburgu. Zajęcia odbywać się będ± w soboty w godz. 13:30 - 15:00. Zapisy drog± mailow± na adres: polishsaturdayschoolspk@hotmail.com. Więcej informacji można znaleĽć na stronie internetowej: www.polskaszkolaspk.co.uk

Brush up your basic Polish with free interactive games available from

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Ryanair Checkout the advantagesof flying from Prestwick


Car Hire in Poland


Martins Garage


Legal Link - firma prawnicza swiadczaca uslugi zwiazane z odszkodowaniami na terenie UK




Zatrzyma³a Ciê policja? Otrzyma³es wezwanie do sadu?
Skontaktuj siê z PDSO

(Biuro Publicznych Obronców/prawo karne).Bezplatna pomoc prawna. Adwokaci, cala Szkocja.
Zadzwon: Milena (Mel) Jeczelewska 07917 052911


Free job advertising web site specialising in
child care


Construction and Engineering recruitment agency

We aim to help Poles obtain finance and buy homes in Scotland
News article from Kupdom



We have homes for rent in the Glasgow area and throughout the UK. Tel: 01698 892555

Money Transfer direct to Poland


Green Surgery

Specialist Polish store


Victor Devine
Honda Motorcycles


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Any member wishing to place a small business advert or link in this space should contact a member of the committee (small donation applies)






VolleyballMistrzostwa ¦wiata w Siatkówce Polska 2014
Zapraszamy do wspólnego kibicowania polskim siatkarzom. Ceremonia otwarcia i transmisje z meczów z udziałem Reprezentacji Polski do obejrzenia w Domu Polskim.

Poland-USA 10/09/14, 19:25
Poland-Italy 11/09/14, 19:25
Poland-Iran 13/09/14, 19:25
Poland-France 14/09/14, 19:25

Your Vote in the Scottish Referendum

flagsOn the 18th of September, the people of Scotland will put pen to paper and vote either to leave the United Kingdom, or to remain part of it. But who are the "people of Scotland?" The Electoral Commission states that any UK citizen, EU citizen or Commonwealth citizen who has a permanent address in Scotland is eligible to vote. Therefore, if you are a Polish National living in Scotland, you have the right to vote in the referendum. You may already be on the electoral roll, having voted in the 2014 European elections, but if not, you can download your registration form from www.aboutmyvote.co.uk. The forms are also available in Polish. The deadline for registration is midnight on September 2nd, but to be safe, it's best to register as soon as possible.  You have the right to make your voice heard in this referendum, and right to help build the future of Scotland!

A public information event organised by the "Polish For Yes" group is taking place in Woodside Hall, 36 Glenfarg Street, Glasgow on 22nd August, 7pm -9pm. Speakers include Deputy First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon, Polish Actor Tomek Borkowy and MEP Alyn Smith. This is a free event directed at Glasgow's Polish community. See the flyer

Glasgow Airport

New Flights From Glasgow Airport Announced

We have a new announcement today with the 2 new routes from Glasgow to Poznan and to Katowice, starting end October 2014, both with 2 flights a week.

Ryanair will switch its Polish flights to Glasgow International from Prestwick around the same date.

Glasgow Airport now have 15 flights/week to 7 different Polish airports every week:-

2x Warsaw Chopin (Wizz)
3x Warsaw Modlin (Ryanair)
2x Bydgoszcz (Ryanair)
2x Katowice (Wizz)
2x Wroclaw (Ryanair)
2x Poznan (Wizz)
2x Gdansk (Wizz)


SPH_logoPolish-Scottish Heritage Project website
The Polish-Scottish Heritage aims to promote a greater awareness of Poland and Scotland’s shared heritage. It is especially important now that the Polish community in Scotland is larger than ever before (67 000), to discover  those long lasting connections, preserving and celebrating the shared histories of places, events and people for present and future generations.
The project is gathering historical information and sharing it through a variety of formats on their website. A wide range of audio, video, text and pictures are already availabe on their recently opened website. The clip below from their website tells the story of Polish troops who found themselves in Scotland after WW2. It includes contributions from two of our club's members, Martin Stepek and Robert Ostrycharz, who are also on the advisory board of the project.

Polish Scottish Heritage Project website
Membership for 2014/15 is now due!
Please pay promptly as sending reminders is time consuming and costly.
You can check your membership by using the link below. Please also check your post code and let us know of any change of address by email to Kenneth Rybarczyk.
Note: You will require your ID number as member's personal information is not published on this site.
Check my membership now! (last updated 02/08/2014). Your information may not have been updated if you paid your membership recently. Membership dues (£20 & £15 senior citizens) can be paid directly to our manager at the bar or by posting a cheque made payable to "The Sikorski Polish Club" (please write your name and ID number on the back of the cheque).

Polish women soldiers in Gullane

One of the great pleasures of wasting an idle hour looking at archive film is the electric jolt of surprise that causes you to fall off your chair.
In my case it was this clip of around 100 female Polish soldiers drilling somewhere in Scotland in 1943. It is silent, black and white, a bit long for a short at 11 minutes, and nothing to tell you where or why someone bothered to film them in the first place.
The first clue was in the name “Marine Hotel” at the side of the building where the women flock to at the end of the parade. Beryl Robinson’s very good history of the building shows that it is now the Scottish Fire Services College and is pinpointed here by the Britain from Above project.

The Marine was requisitioned at the start of the war as was Greywalls Hotel and Archerfield House, either of which could have been the starting point for the march.

Article by Chris Holme of the History Company. Link to the full article

Club's U Jarka restaurant included in short film
Two short films made in association with Fablevision Studios and the BBC were recently previewed in our club.
The Poland Connection
This BBC Scotland programme looks at what makes Poles decide to come to Scotland, shows the historical links between Poland and Scotland and gives a flavour of both countries. This film will soon be shown on TV
Wee Poland
This film follows the lives of four different Polish people in Glasgow who all hold on to their culture and heritage in different ways. Through them we learn about a family business, the importance of language, cultural traditions and textile design. Clips from this film are now available on the BBC's LAB website

One of the clips is about Mateusz and the family restaurant in the Sikorski club (see below - opens in a new window). Other clips available include "Agata and the Polish Saturday School", "Basia and family traditions" and "Marta and the fashion show".

link to video
Martin Stepek

For There Is Hope - Book by Martin Stepek

Martin Stepek (member of The Sikorski Polish Club) has written this astonishing poem which is at once a monument, a meditation, a prayer and an epic. It is a memorial or monument, in the first place, to the fate of his Polish family in the 1940s, a fate they shared with hundreds of thousands of Polish civilians deported to the Gulag or the Asian wastes by the Soviet invaders in 1940. It is a meditation on life and death; his grandfather died as
a Resistance fighter against the Nazis, while his grandmother survived her escape from the Soviet Union by only a few months. Their children survived the war and settled in Scotland; they used to the full the chance of a long life in a peaceful country, but now they in turn are
approaching their end. Martin's father Jan, a leading figure in Scotland's Polish community, died almost as this book was going to press. The memory of what they experienced and survived must not disappear with that generation.
An extract from the Foreword by Neal Ascherson

Martin Stepek reads from his new book 'For There is Hope.' Filmed by Transmission. from Transmission Productions on Vimeo.

Copies can be purchased from www.ettadunn.com or through Amazon.
Our Society will also have copies available - please ask at the bar.
Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: Fleming Publications (14 Nov 2012)
ISBN-10: 0955650739
ISBN-13: 978-0955650734
What is GazetaE.com?
The GazetaE.com is a new free online magazine directed to Polish citizens living in the UK and Polish-speaking audience interested in Polish culture and in cultural interchange. The magazine is available in internet at www.gazetae.com and www.gazetaelektroniczna.com and is updated with current news, engaging articles photo reportages, audio podcasts and videos every day. Further information in English Polish
The Kresy-Siberia Virtual Museum

The Russians deported up to 2 million Polish people from Poland, from the Kresy, the Eastern borderlands, on the orders of Stalin himself in 1940, removing people to slave labour camps, gulags, in Siberia and other parts of Eastern Asia. This site is dedicated to research, remembrance and recognition of the Polish citizens deported, imprisoned and killed by the Soviet regime during the Second World War.

The museum is a unique, web-based, multi-media experience to commemorate and educate about the experience of these Polish Citizens during and after World War II. Once fully operational it will present stories through words, photos, paintings, maps, sounds, films and interviews for a compelling visitor experiences.
If you or a member of your familly lived through experience of Siberia please get in touch with the Foundation Kresy-Syberia to share your memories and contribute to the creation of the Kresy-Siberia Virtual Museum.
Web Site
Kresy-Siberia Virtual Museum

It is indeed a big project to RESEARCH, REMEMBER and RECOGNIZE the experiences of our families and their incredibly courageous generation. Please consider giving a donation to Kresy-Siberia VM.
Thank you in advance for helping to take forward this important work which touches all of us and our families. It is up to all of us to make sure that the stories of our families and other Polish citizens who went through the war like them are never forgotten.
Stefan Wisniowski, President, KRESY-SIBERIA FOUNDATION.
UK donation form


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